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How to Focus Your Priorities When You Have Too Many Interests

I’ve always had too many interests for my own good.

If you’ve seen my Impossible List before, this probably isn’t a surprise; I want to learn how to play the piano, learn to walk a slackline, write a novel, learn how to draw, skateboard more proficiently… the list goes on.

When I walk into Barnes & Noble – which is quite often – I have a hard time figuring out whether to head first: science, biographies, world history, travel, fantasy and sci-fi, graphic novels – they all sound ridiculously interesting. And once I’ve picked a section, picking an individual book is even harder.

My professional life isn’t shielded by this excess of interests, either.  I have to stop myself from chasing after new podcast and YouTube channels all the time. And I really have to get tough on myself with the itch to start coding again comes around…

So if you feel like a man sentenced to die in that ancient method of having each of your limbs tied to a horse going in a different direction – except they’re baby horses and you’re just stuck in the middle being pulled in too many directions at once to go anywhere – don’t worry. You’re certainly not alone.

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