One Weekend Can Change Your Life! – Interview With Mike Naughton

It’s been a little while, but I’m back with another interview! This week’s featured guest is Mike Naughton, a student entrepreneur studying Computer Science at Iowa State University and a co-found of the startup Fundle.

As a computer science student, Mike spent most of his college career seeing all the job opportunities inside big, established companies. Not really wanting to pursue that path, he attended a Startup Weekend event to see what opportunities were in the entrepreneurship community. There he met two other passionate entrepreneurs, and together they used the weekend to get a good start on Fundle, a upcoming app that will make group purchases easy as cake.

Check out the interview to learn how Mike went about getting involved in startups and how he thinks they’ve helped with his career focus and goals. You should also read his blog post about startups, and check out Fundle’s feature on Silicon Prairie News.


Mike’s top piece of advice from the interview is one that I’ve been telling people for a long time: Be open to opportunities. You never know what will come along and change your life!

If you’d like to connect with Mike, you can check out his personal blog and follow him on Twitter!

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