November 2011 Wallpaper Roundup

Alright, it’s that time of the month again! You know, that time of the month I’ve arbitrarily decided is a good time for a wallpaper post because… well, because wallpapers are awesome and I love finding them. Yep, that’s the reason for sure.

In all seriousness, I’m going to try to do a wallpaper roundup post every month. I know a lot of you guys are either computer geeks or into art, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate these kinds of posts. Remember, you can use the handy Fences app to hide your desktop icons if you want to show these wallpapers in all their glory. Wanna g0 dual-monitor? Here’s a post on that.

Since I’ve started using a new theme and switched my lightbox plugin to Fancybox, I’ve discovered it’s even easier to save wallpapers (my old theme made it kinda hard). You can do one of two things:

  • Just right-click the thumbnail and choose Save Link As (so you’re saving the full-size image, not the thumbnail)
  • Open the image’s lightbox and save the image from there. This is something my last lightbox plugin wouldn’t let you do.

Note: I got most of these from 

The Wallpapers

Special credit goes to ISU student Colleen Riker, who created the first wallpaper listed here. Hope you enjoyed my pics! If you saw my last wallpaper post, you know I changed the format up a bit. This gallery-style format is much easier to create; what do you think of it?

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