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I’m Hiring an Animator/Motion Graphics Artist/Illustrator!

Hey there!

I’m looking for an experienced motion designer or animator to help me create better videos on my YouTube channel. This is a paid contract position that will start off with part-time, variable hours. If things go well, there is the potential for this position to scale into full-time work.

This position is also location-independent, and you can work whenever you want as long as you have good internet speed, can meet deadlines, and communicate promptly.

If that sounds good to you, then read through the details on this page and apply using the form at the bottom!

Here some examples of animations and motion graphics from my own channel:

Going forward, I’d like to be able to improve upon these animations and make even better videos in the future.

Here are a few examples of work from other creators I really like. Note that I’m not necessarily wanting to do something in the same style – if you’re hired, I’d like to work with you to develop a unique style that fits well with my current videos and improves upon them.

However, these examples demonstrate some of the core skills and techniques that a successful candidate should have (some of these start at certain times to show specific examples). You can find more detail in the next section.

Experience and Skills Required

In general, I’m looking for someone who can confidently handle both the creation of custom illustrated graphics and the animation of those graphics.

General skills I’m looking for:

  • Strong experience in Adobe After Effects (required – our workflow uses Adobe Premiere and After Effects exclusively)
  • Strong experience in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (preferred, but if you’re comfortable creating graphics in another application that still work well in After Effects, that’s ok)
  • Creativity and a sense of humor – bonus points if you like sneaking nerdy video game/movie/anime references into your work
  • A strong sense of design
  • A strong work ethic and a willingness to learn new techniques
  • A passion for helping other people
  • A willingness to take ownership in your work – I’m looking for someone who will treat their work as art, rather than just another paid project. If you can balance artistic pride in your work with deadlines and efficiency, you’ll have a HUGE leg up on the competition.

Specific animation/After Effects experience:

  • A portfolio of great existing work – both professional and personal projects are fine. However, this is a position for an experienced After Effects animator, not a beginner. You’ll need to be able to hit the ground running and produce work that’s at least to the level of what you saw in my personal example video above.
  • Motion fundamentals – scaling, positioning, anchor points, rotation, opacity
  • Use of easing to create realistic and pleasing motion. We often use plugins like Flow to automate easing, but you should be comfortable designing/tweaking your own easing curves. You should also be familiar with overshoot/bouncing motions.
  • Masking and adjustment layers
  • Working with pre-comps
  • Virtual cameras and lights
  • Strokes and pen tool
  • Text animation
  • A passion for keeping projects organized
  • Experience utilizing sound effects in your animation is a plus!

Illustration/Graphics experience:

  • Vector illustration in a program like Adobe Illustrator
  • An eye for symmetry and white space (you should be able to quickly and intuitively tell the difference between this and this)
  • Ability to use texture to add detail and depth to your images (example and another example)
  • Ability to work with typography and make it look great (example – no need to design your own type or fonts, but you should be able to add embellishments and texture)
  • Basic photo editing experience – especially the ability to cut/mask elements out of photos and make them look good (see the Vox and Business Casual videos above for examples of how you’d use this skill)

Other requirements:

  • A strong internet connection
  • A computer that can comfortably handle heavy After Effects work

The Application

If you believe you fit all the requirements above and are excited to help make some of the best educational and self-improvement content on the internet, then fill out the application below!

Note: There is no deadline for this posting. I’m looking to fill this position ASAP, and will be reviewing applications as my schedule permits. Thanks for understanding!