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iPad 2’s, iPad 2’s EVERYWHERE (We’re Giving One Away Too)

Holy internet explosion, Batman! Yes, we will indeed be giving away an iPad 2 sometime in the near future. No, you eyes do not deceive you. Yes, Lake Tahoe is further west than Los Angeles. Now that you’ve got some confirmation in your life, let’s get on to the details.

We’ve been sponsored by Vonage to give away an iPad 2 sometime in the near future. By near, I mean not right now but most likely before September. So hold your horses, cowboy.

The cool thing is that there are a bunch of other sites doing the same giveaway, and some of them have their contests going on right now. Every day, three new sites will begin their contest and subsequently end it 5 days later. So, you want to know what sites are running their contests and which days on which they are doing it? Well, you’re in luck. The College Info Geek gods have smiled upon you and have agreed to let slip these details…

Simply follow us on Twitter; every day we’ll announce which three sites are starting their contest and link to the contest page for each. And look, I even made it easy for you to do it…

So yeah. Follow us and get the info. Simple as that.

As for the sponsor – Vonage is trying to get the word out about their nifty new iPhone app called Time To Call. With this app, they’re trying to make international calling easy and cheap. I just downloaded the app today, and I’m going to be testing it out pretty soon. In fact, if you’re from outside these 50 states, leave a comment and you can help me test it out. You can find the app on the iTunes Store.

Alright, that’s about all the detail I have right now. Once our contest starts, you’ll get a right and proper briefing and then the mayhem. Until then, stay classy my friends.