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20 Jaw-Dropping Time Lapse Videos To Inspire You Back Into Action

Sometimes the daily routines of our lives cause us to slip into a half-contented state, devoid of any real progress. Dreams, challenges, and struggles give way to familiar surroundings and times that are “good”, yet unchanging and unfulfilling.

I’ve been in that spot many times before. One of my core values is to always be progressing, challenging myself to experience new things and to achieve more; yet, sometimes I’ll reach a point when I haven’t done anything truly awesome in a while, and I’ll feel stuck in a rut.

At those times, I have plenty of things I want to do – but no motivation to actually do them. I start to doubt myself. The process seems too long for the payoff. Other things need to be done first; things that are much less fun, and require even more willpower to get done. Things that should be habits, but aren’t yet.

But then I’ll see something truly inspiring; something that socks me in the gut and gets me fired up again. Maybe it’s a guy walking across the entire U.S.A. Or it’s a girl who taught herself to dance in a year. Or it’s seeing a close friend work on his own awesome project.

Often it’s simply the beauty of the Earth and the cities we’ve built on it that can inspire me to get back to work and to challenge myself more.

Of course, I can and do go for walks and stare up at the stars at night. Traveling to a new place is even more effective.

However, watching the art other people create through film and photography can be just as effective. One of my favorite methods of documenting nature is time-lapse photography, and I’ve been scouring Vimeo for these types of videos for years.

Today I’d like to share a collection of 20 time-lapse videos that never fail to inspire me back into action. If you’re feeling a little complacent, or a little unmotivated, try watching just one.

1. Adventure is Calling

2. Miniature City

3. The City Limits

4. Civilization: The Rise of Europe

5. Wonderlights

6. Made on Earth

7. The Lion City

8. The City of Samba

9. Cityscape Chicago

10. Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull

11. TimeScapes: Rapture

12. The Unseen Sea

13. Adrift

14. Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan

15. A Supercell Near Booker, Texas


17. Lost in Tokyo

18. New Zealand Landscapse Timelapse Vol. 2

19. Dubai Timelapse

20. Earth

Let me know in the comments – which video was your favorite? Let me know if there are others I should see!

photos: star trails