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How Twitter Helped Me Take Myself Seriously

Gather ’round, kids. It’s time for a story.

Everyone knows about Twitter. It’s huge. It changed the internet, and social media as we know it.

But, for me, Twitter has done something different, and profoundly more personal. It allowed me to take myself seriously as a person, and as an adult.

Before I got a Twitter account, my online presence consisted only of my Facebook, and I basically posted nothing but sarcasm and hilarity every day. I got to the point where I was actually hesitant to type anything that involved things I cared about, and would instead keep to myself on matters that, well, mattered. Now, maybe there’s not a problem with that, but I believe that it is very important, as a person, to represent what you care about. One day, I decided to change this.

Since I was uncomfortable being serious with my Facebook friends, I made a Twitter account to split my personas. Facebook would remain as it was, while my Twitter would be specifically to express my interests in language, technology, and life. It was difficult at first to learn to share these things, but it wasn’t long before I felt a new surge of confidence in what I was actually doing with my life. I began allowing my interests to grow beyond my comfort zone, and connecting with people on an intellectual level.

The first big step I took outside of my old boundaries was writing an article on language learning, one of my greatest passions. I got the article published as a guest post here, on College Info Geek. After that, things began to snowball. I liked the feeling I got from writing that first article, and despite how much the idea scared me, or how much I doubted myself, I asked to become an official writer for the site. This will now be my fourth article, which may not sound like much now, but it’s four more articles than I would have ever written in my little safety bubble.

After that, my online presence, and in turn, my presence in general, began to change. I began to become more comfortable with myself, and both serious and non-serious me began to mesh together. I got a LinkedIn account, even taking the time to set up my profile in Spanish. I started reading motivational and fascinating books on self-improvement, and redoubling my efforts at learning Spanish and French in my own time. I am now proudly willing to show who I am and take chances, without the mask of humor to hide me from failure.

So what can you take from this? Take yourself seriously. Jokes are great, but neither you nor what you care about is a joke. I guarantee I’ll have many more opportunities with this attitude than I ever would have had before, and I have a ton more confidence, to boot. Granted, being casual and fun is very important too! All work and no play makes Jack a douche.┬áBe yourself, your whole self, and live your life like it’s your last, because it is. There is no shame in caring about how you spend it.