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CIG is Looking for an Awesome Writer!

Note: The application deadline has now passed. Thanks to everyone who applied!

Hey there!

I’ll just cut to the chase – I’m looking for an experienced writer to help me turn my videos into beautifully-crafted blog posts.

This is a paid position that will start off on a freelance, contract basis. However, the right candidate may have the opportunity to take on other projects and move into a more integral role over time. Depends on how good your bo staff skills are.

Here are a few examples of our video-accompanying articles:

In the past, I’ve taken the time to create a full blog post for every video I made, which included all the tips and details from that video (and often more).

Now, though, I’m working to scale the business and eventually publish two videos per week. To do that, I’ll need to hand off the article-writing duties to someone new.

CIG articles are:

  • In-depth
  • Well-researched (often with links to research)
  • Full of images, charts, and other media
  • Well-structured and easy to read (with subheadings, short paragraphs, text formatting, etc)
  • Peppered with jokes or references, because let’s be honest, some of these topics can be a little dry

Here’s a brief job description:

  • Each week, you’ll take the script or outline that I’ve created for the video I’m working on and use it as a guide to create a full-fledged article.
  • Sometimes you’ll get a bare-bones outline, which may require research or watching through the video to find details. Other times you’ll get a full script. I write my scripts like I talk, so you’ll need to be able to adapt them in a way that suits a written article rather than something spoken.
  • Articles are typically around 1,500-2,500 words.
  • You’ll work with me, Ashley (our graphic designer), and Kayla (our content manager) to make sure each article is super high-quality and published shortly after the video goes live.
  • You can be located anywhere, as long as you’ve got a good enough internet connection for apps like Slack and Skype.

Here are the job requirements:

  • You need to have experience with online writing (or at least be able to make me believe that you do). You can have your own blog, or have articles published elsewhere – either is fine. There’s no year-requirement, and it’s cool if you’re still a student. But you need to already have the skills to craft articles of CIG-level quality.
  • Ability to edit your own writing. Spelling errors, typos, grammatical snafus – you should be able to catch and fix these yourself.
  • Ability to produce two articles per week. You’ll most likely start out at one per week, but I’m looking for someone who can help me scale up to two.
  • Ability to work and solve problems independently. You’ll have access to the whole team via Slack, but you need to be a Solution Finder.
  • Vision and taste. Our goal with CIG is to provide the absolute best and most useful advice in the world for students, and to do it in a way that’s relatable, funny, and makes our readers want to come back.

And the nice-to-haves (not required, especially if you’re a quick learner):

  • WordPress experience – we’ll teach you how to use our CIG-specific tools, but if you already know how to write and edit content in WordPress, that’s great.
  • Ability to find relevant photos and images – if you have great taste and can find images that flesh out your articles (and understand photo licenses and Creative Commons), you’ll have a leg up.
  • Basic photo editing skills – things like cropping or down-scaling photos and images
  • BasicĀ HTML knowledge – you won’t be doing any coding, but you might need to pop into the Text tab in WordPress to embed a video or other file from time to time.

If you think you’re a great fit for this position, fill out the form below! Or, if you know someone who would be a great fit, feel free to send them this page. Thanks!

~ Thomas

I’ll be accepting responses until end-of-day on July 9.