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Guns That Shoot Dubstep? How Could I NOT Post This?

Ok, so here’s the deal; I’m working on some high-level projects for College Info Geek that will take a long time to complete. Add to that my job as an RA, my second job at the career center, my classes, and my girlfriend who keeps on requesting this odd thing called my “undivided attention” (what’s that?) – you probably get the picture. Posting every day is a little difficult.

Fear not, however, as my less frequent posting will result in more awesomeness down the road. For now, check out this video. If you’re on the internet on a Saturday, you’re probably not doing homework anyway, so watching some dudes take out terrorists by shooting the raw power of dubstep at them isn’t going to hurt, right?

I came across this video last weekend, when one of my best friends was all like:

I don't always recommend YouTube videos, but when I do, you better damn well watch themSo I watched it. It was glorious. Seriously, the guys at Corridor Digital have some real talent, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. (If you’re on mobile and can’t see the video, watch it here)

Anyway, I’ll have some more stuff coming next week. Also, as we grow and the increasing administrative duties I have start to make me have lumberjack dreams, I start thinking of bringing on more writers.

So, if you think you’re some sort of badass writer, why don’t you apply to write here? The application process is grueling, and we may or may not require a contract written in blood, but hey – don’t be a sissy.