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Guest Post: How To Speak In Public Without Peeing Your Pants

This guest post is contributed by Barbara Jolie. You can read more about her in the author bio below the post.

It’s been said that as fears go, fear of public speaking is right up there with fear of death and spiders. As a result, many college students find giving speeches in class moderately uncomfortable to downright terrifying.

In my communications class, I remember one guy standing up in front of the class to make a speech, making a mumbled introduction, freezing like a deer in headlights, and then promptly sitting down again, much to the confusion of the instructor. Another girl grew red in the face like the Kool-Aid man and bolted from the room close to tears.

As uncomfortable as public speaking can be, professors get it right when they require you to make speeches and force you out of your comfort zone. Like it or not, public speaking awaits you in your future and is a coveted skill in the corporate world. With a little advanced planning, you can sound less like an idiot and more like you know what you’re doing. Here’s some tips for next time you have to give a speech or a presentation:

1.) Know your stuff.

The more knowledgeable you are about the subject matter you’re speaking about, the more confident you’ll feel overall. If you have a choice for the speech topic, pick something you already know inside and out perhaps something you’re passionate about.

2.) Look sharp.

One of my favorite quotes is “Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good.” Step it up a notch with your attire on the day you have to give your speech. It will give you that extra boost of confidence to get through the speech.

3.) Work the room.

The worst speeches are the ones where someone stands behind a podium and reads blandly off index cards. You’re better than that! Pace back and forth across the room as you talk, use your hands (pretend you’re Italian if you have to), and vary up your facial expressions. Movement gives you an outlet for your nervous energy so it doesn’t end up coming out in your speech.

4.) Practice on your friends.

Before speech day, practice your speech on a group of your friends to ease your nerves. Ask them to point out any areas where you could improve.

5.) Take slow, deep breaths.

Lower a racing heart rate pre-speech by taking slow, controlled breaths. This will help relax you out of spaz mode and into speech mode.

6.) Find a couple friendly faces in the crowd.

Eye contact with your audience is important while giving speeches, but there’s always those jerks in the back of the room who either make fun of everyone or look bored out of their minds. Don’t look at them. Find a few friendly faces in the crowd and focus on them while giving your speech.

7.) Realize everyone’s in the same boat.

Just because you feel nervous doesn’t mean your audience can tell. And even if they can tell, chances are their knees will be knocking on the day of their own speech. Instead of telling yourself that the rest of the class is judging you, feel a sense of solidarity that they, too, will have to be in your shoes.

What do you think are the most effective public speaking strategies?