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FratMusic Connects You With Even More Study Music

Fellow college blogger and party-er extraordinaire Sean Quinn, of HackCollege fame, has uncovered yet another great resource for study music –FratMusic. Since we’re all about study music here, I was on that like Chris Hardwick on an office. While the purpose of his post is mainly to tout the service as a great way to put together a playlist for “Broin’ and Hoin'” it up at Greek parties, FratMusic also features plenty of chill and study mixes for when you need to put nose to proverbial grindstone.

The service differs from Pandora in that the playlists are already put together for you instead of being generated on the fly. FratMusic is powered by 8tracks, an internet radio website that stores almost 250,000 playlists of its own. The HackCollege article also suggests that the service will have a mobile app soon, so you’ll be able to plug in that iPhone and spend the whole party hoping no one jacks it. You can read about all of their development progress and related musings at the FratMusic blog.

I’ve spend the better part of my morning with FratMusic, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the picks. I started out with one of the site’s chillout mixes; now I’m over to classic rock and rocking out to some Kansas. Will this replace GrooveShark as my primary internet gateway to musical nirvana? Probably not – but I’ll definitely use it for the times I don’t feel like putting playlists together myself.

[Liven Up Your Summer With FratMusic Radio] via HackCollege