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Energetic Music: Derek Jensen’s Playlist

I was just surfing through Twitter the other day when I noticed my friend Derek Jensen had put up a blog post. In it, he shared a playlist he had created on Rdio, filled with all sorts of music he uses for studying.

Well, it’s a really good playlist if I do say so myself. And, well, I’m like lightening. I like to take the path of least resistance. Ok, that isn’t totally true (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this), but it is sometimes.

So, as a person who ~sometimes~ takes on the properties of lightening, I’ve decided to make Derek’s playlist the featured music item of the week here at College Info Geek. It’s actually quite the upbeat playlist, so it goes under the Energetic category. With stuff by Fort Minor, Madonna, Skrillex, The Glitch Mob, and more, it’s really energetic and diverse.

So listen to it!

And Another Thing…

This may be of interest to you. A new website called College Roots recently launched, and you might want to check it out if you’re into local music. The site lets local bands stream their music, and fans can vote them up, which gains them more exposure. To me, this is really promising; it’s a way local college bands can utilize their fanbase in an easy way.

Alright. I’m out.