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Don’t Blindly Walk A Path; Pave Your Own! – With Dallas J. Moore

What do expect to get out of college?

This is precisely the question I sought to answer in my interview with Dallas J. Moore.

An up-and-coming entrepreneur in Ames, Dallas is the kind of person who isn’t content to simply check off the boxes everyone checks off to become “successful”. After attending community college, Dallas ended up forgoing the 4-year university experience and instead started working and gaining experience right away.

Now he is running Social Republick, a rapidly growing online branding consultancy that helps companies build a robust and successful social media presence. The main philosophy Dallas follows while running Social Republick is this – work the way you want to work, with the people you want to work with.

In the interview, I pick Dallas’ brain on this philosophy and how it applies to college. This is something I think about alot, and it’s something I think all students need to put a lot of thought into – how do you want to work? What do you want to do and who do you want to do it with?

So many students coast through college, motivated only by the promise of the “50K a year job at Wells Fargo” at the end of the road. Inevitably, though, a large portion of students either aren’t able to secure a job like that, or they do, but realize that they hate it and spend their days wishing they could be construction workers.

My conversation with Dallas will show you how you can plan out how you want to work and live your life, keep your unique style, and still impress people.

Note: From 34:45 to 35:45 the screen goes red – I’m fairly certain that this was the work of time traveling mutant cyborgs from the future, but I can’t be sure. In any case, the red screen doesn’t affect the sound and it goes away after one minute.

If you only learn a few things from this interview, it should be these:

  • ¬†You can have your own style, as long as you make it known your care about your appearance. Walking into an interview with a nose piercing isn’t necessarily a death sentence; walking in wearing flip-flops and gym shorts is.
  • Don’t blindly “check off the boxes” that other people say lead to success. Actually think about what you want to do and what will get you there.
  • Network, network, network. Nothing will get you where you want to go better than networking.

If you’d like to connect with Dallas, you can follow him on Twitter here.