Display Your RSS Feeds In A Desktop Scrolling News Ticker

Ever wish you could have a scrolling news ticker on your desktop that displays your RSS feeds, just like the one you usually see on news channels at the bottom of the TV? Well, that’s today’s How-To, as seen earlier on OMGUbuntu. Let’s get to it.

First and foremost, this will only work for Windows/Ubuntu 32bit systems, as the developer hasn’t made a 64bit package (yet).

What does this RSS ticker actually do, you ask? This ticker is a thin bar displaying that scrolls news feeds on your desktop. It’s fairly minimal, doesn’t use much memory, and has set of good features and preferences that will allow you to take control of the scrolling speed, fonts, bar size, transparency, colors, and will allow you to update whenever you like. You can also edit the ticker’s position on your screen, so it doesn’t have to be stuck to the bottom or top!

It looks like this:

To install it, download the .deb or .exe (depending on your operating system) from the developer’s website. Once downloaded, you can click on the file and it’ll install itself. Afterwords, you’ll want to change the default RSS feed, as the it is set to BBC news. To do this, go to: File – Open RSS feed. After that, change whatever settings you would like and enjoy your new RSS ticker!

Andrew is a junior in MIS at Iowa State University, an Android hacker, and a dedicated open source geek. Check out his personal site and follow him on Twitter here.

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