Contest: Win A Pair Of VEKTR Headphones And Look Like You’re Straight Outta Jet Grind Radio

Well now. Something interesting fell into my lap the other day… and I’ve decided to give it away!

That something is a pair of the just-released Diesel VEKTR headphones. I haven’t had the time to test them out for very long, but I can say they definitely look badass – I was instantly reminded of Jet Grind Radio, or maybe Porygon.

These headphones have some features that I really like, including:

  • a detachable headphone cable
  • an attachment on the cord with a ControlTalk button for picking up calls and playing/pausing music
  • a folding design that makes them easy to store

Did I mention they look badass? They really do. I absolutely love my current headphones, but these make them look like pillows for my head. You can check out all the spec’s n’ shit at the official website.

Anyway, as I said I’m giving these suckers away. This is gonna be a quick n’ dirty giveaway, so the timeline’s not going to be a month like the last one. Nope.

VEKTR Headphones

This will be a one-week giveaway. At 11:59 PM on Thursday, June 28, I’ll close the entry form and pick a winner. Ready to enter? You’ve got three chances:

  • Like College Info Geek on Facebook (mandatory)
  • Follow me on Twitter (optional)
  • Leave a comment recommending me the next album I should review (optional)

Here’s your entry widget! Even if you’ve already liked CIG and followed me, use the widget to let me know.

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17 Comments on "Contest: Win A Pair Of VEKTR Headphones And Look Like You’re Straight Outta Jet Grind Radio"

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Nick Mathis

I always study great to some ambient Moby. In contrast to all his hits, songs like God Moving Over the Face of the Water and Live Forever are good, wordless music that I can stay concentrated with.

Herman Ding

You should definitely review the album “Coloris” by She. This is by far my favorite chiptune artist!


check out We Are Young from Fun. Some Nights is probably my favorite track.

Sheldon Kunkel

There are so many good albums out right now, but one I’ve really liked listening to, and one which I haven’t really heard very many other people listening to, is The Glitch Mob’s “Drink The Sea”. It’s some really great electronic music in my opinion


You should review Beiber’s new album. He’s growing up, but is his msuic growing with him? Or, perhaps, is his music growing too fast, making it risqué for his young audience?

John Koopman

21 – Adele! 😀

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