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Contest: Win a Logitech HD 1080p Webcam

Update: Our winner is Brian Francis! Thanks for entering, everyone!

Remember when I reviewed the Logitech c910 webcam this summer? I’m pretty sure I concluded that it’s one of the best webcams ever, and that conclusion hasn’t changed at all since I’ve been using it more frequently. This thing really is the shiznat. Well, a while ago a friend of mine suggested I should give one away. Was he secretly just asking for one? Yes. Is that stopping me? Not at all.

So yeah, we’re giving away one free Logitech c910 to one of our readers. Check out this video review if you haven’t heard of the camera before:


So what would you want a webcam like this for? Well, for one, you can Skype your mom, grandma, or dog in style. However, here’s an even cooler idea: You can use it to interview people who inspire you. We’re doing it – why can’t you?

Oh yeah – if you win, you’ll also get to join one of our totally awesome and secret College Info Geek Google+ hangouts with your new webcam. Interested?

Here Are The Details!

This will be a two week-long contest, so you’ve got until Wednesday, September 14 at 11:59pm to enter. Once the deadline is up, we’ll pick a random entrant to win! Since I’m really, really impressed by the startup Rafflecopter, I’ll be using their app once again to run the contest. There are multiple ways to enter, so if you participate, you can really increase your chances of winning!

Why do we run contests like this?

It’s simple, really. We love it when you spread the word and share College Info Geek with other students, and you love getting free stuff – especially when it’s good free stuff. (of course, you wouldn’t turn down cheap free stuff like plastic cups and chip clips either – we wouldn’t either)

So here are the ways you can enter:

  • Like us on that book full of faces (the only mandatory option)
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Tweet about the giveaway (you can do this once a day)
  • Answer the following question in the comments: What would you do for TWO Klondike bars? (try not to be too obscene)

Thanks to RaffleCopter, you can do all of the above right from this post. Make sure you actually do the action before clicking “I Did This”, and also be sure to include usernames if they differ from your real name so we can verify that you actually entered.

Well, good luck! We’ll announce the winner shortly after the contest is over đŸ™‚

Oh, and one more thing – this isn’t required, but it would be much more entertaining if you changed the tweet to something ridiculous of your own. đŸ˜›