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College Info Geek Is Heading To Thinc Iowa!

Having just got back from Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, I figured I wouldn’t be heading out to anymore conferences or events for a while, given that they’re usually “special” occasions and don’t happen very often.

Well, surprisingly enough, I got an invite to attend the Thinc Iowa (coolest website ever, btw) conference just a few days ago! Thinc Iowa is a conference that focuses on how startups and corporations can work together, which is something I think is extremely relevant to students given that many of us are opting to leave the big companies out of the question and look for startup jobs after college.

The conference is being held tomorrow just an hour away from Iowa State in Des Moines, so it’s not quite the exotic locale that Los Angeles was; still, I’m pretty excited to attend and find out what’s been cooking in the Silicon Prairie. In particular, I’m interested in finding out how the big corporations view startups and the two types of businesses plan to collaborate in the future.

To get the most out of this conference at home, you can watch the live stream I’ve embedded below. This is also available at Silicon Prairie News, which is indeed run by the same people who are putting on this awesome conference.

Watch live streaming video from siliconprairienews at

I’ll also be tweeting with the #ThincIowa¬†hashtag, so you can keep up with all my super smart tweets and revolutionary insights by following me on Twitter bro. Look, I made even easier by putting a button here. Do eeeeeet.

Once the conference is over (I’ll actually be leaving early due to a schedule conflict), I’ll upload my photos and publish a review of my experiences. This should be an awesome learning experience, and the free press pass just puts icing on the cake.

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