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College Info Geek Is Going To L.A.!

Never let it be said that blogging is a waste of time.

In a few hours, I’ll be jumping on a plane and heading for sunny (hopefully) Los Angeles! Adobe is sending me out to attend their MAX conference, where I’ll get to see and cover all the cool new stuff coming out this year. I’ll also get to attend some hands-on sessions to learn some new skills. To say I’m pumped would be an understatement.

What is MAX?

If you’re not an Adobe¬†aficionado, you may be wondering just what this conference is. Adobe MAX is an annual event that shows off the latest Adobe technology, brings together tons of developers and designers (and dabblers like me), and gives people a chance to learn new skills. Here’s a quick video with some highlights of last year’s conference:


I’m pretty excited to see all the sneak peeks this year (CS6 maybe?), but I’m even more pumped to attend some labs and learn some new skills with Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

As I mentioned above, Adobe is sending me out to the conference with all expenses paid. I think this fact along has two takeaways:

  • Adobe cares about college students. It’s true that they get promotion out of it, but the fact that they’re working so hard to reach out to students and make it easy for us to start using their awesome software is commendable.
  • Really freakin’ cool stuff can happen when you start your own project instead of following a pre-set path. This is something that’s only becoming more and more evident to me as I continue doing College Info Geek.

I’ll be attending a special education-focused summit on Sunday, and then hitting up the regular conference on Monday and Tuesday. So, for the next week, you’ll see a lot of MAX-centered content here on College Info Geek. I’ll be sharing my experiences, showcasing some of the new stuff coming out, and hopefully posting some interviews with notable people at the conference. I’ll also most likely OD on energy drinks.

If you’d like to follow my trip and join in on the conversation, follow us on Twitter! I’ll be tweeting regularly throughout the conference.

One last thing: if you’re a creative type (and I believe we all can be), I’d like to remind you that the last entry period for the Adobe Imagination Challenge starts today. If you’re game for winning $10,000, make sure you get your entry in before the deadline!¬†(if you’re just hearing about this challenge, check out our previous post on it)

Well, tally-ho then!