Guest Post: How To Keep Your Car In Tip-Top Shape

This is a guest post from Sean Gray, a student at Grossmont College in El Cajon, CA.

You have just bought a car and now have a huge investment in your new mode of transportation. Being a vehicle owner means a little more than just putting gas in the car, cranking it up and driving away. You have to maintain the vehicle if you want to get the best performance out of it. Read More…

Make The Most Out Of Office Hours

Office hours have been something of a little-known secret among successful college students. Sure, many students know about them, but few have taken the time to approach these “mystical times” of direct contact with professors. Whether out of fear, laziness, or ignorance, office hours continue to be under-utilized by the college population.

However, having studied study habits for the past two years, one of the most common themes I’ve seen among the most successful students has been their dedication to attending office hours.

Why such a disparity? Most college students struggle enough with going to class, so going to office hours is typically seen as a monumental struggle. “I have to take MORE time out of my schedule? Won’t it just serve me better to study by myself?

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Email Scams: Don’t Get Duped

Update for February 2013:

You may have received an email from the Direct Loan Servicing Center about your loan being transferred to Sallie Mae. Don’t worry – this email is legit. (assuming the sender’s domain is correct – see screenshot below)

My own student loan was transferred at the beginning of this month (Feb. 2013), and I received the email. I called the Department of Education personally to verify that the email came from them, and they affirmed it.

For reference, here is a screenshot of the email I received:

Loan Transfer
If you have any specific questions, feel free to leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you.


Original Aug. 2011 article:

Correction: If you viewed this post in the past, you probably saw that I had posted a specific email that I previously believed to be a scam. The email referred to a change in the way that the government is handling Direct Loan processing. It turns out the email was indeed not a scam, though it was a very poor and sloppily executed message that looked a lot like one. Read More…

Forget-Me-Not: Don’t Forget to Pack _______!

Ah, returning to college. There is no experience quite as joyful as being back on campus, seeing all of your friends after a summer apart, and embracing the heady rush of independence!  But nothing brings you back down to Earth as suddenly and painfully as realizing that you left your vital _______ in your hometown! Here’s a last-minute checklist of the important things you may have forgotten. Shove these in your suitcase to keep your first days back on campus worry-free.

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Avoid the Freshman Cliche

So, you are a brand new college student. You just graduated from high school and let’s face it, you ruled that place.  You walked around with a swagger that couldn’t be fully explained by words.  Now, you are entering college, full of energy and a sense of unmatched self-indulgent pride.  Breathe in that fresh air, it feels good.

Protip: Everyone hates you right now. Read More…

Shopping for College: A No-Nonsense Approach to Fashion

This is the first post in a mini-series about back-to-school shopping. While aimed at incoming freshmen, these tips can apply to any college student.

I think I’ve wasted a solid amount of my free time over the past few years scanning through countless fashion blogs. And as much as they all try to bold, italicize, and highlight words like “unique”, “affordable”, or “easy”, I’ve found that that’s rarely true. You’d think one should come away from reading such blogs feeling inspired, but I usually feel boring, poor, and too busy to look like all the people in those pictures and ads.

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Surviving the Dorm Storm

Every year, I see the same thing. Freshmen and upper classmen with their parents come barreling into dorms across the country and find themselves embroiled in what I have come to know as a Dorm Storm. This is because every parent and student team always come in making the same mistakes and are then thrown into the mix of thousands of other students with the exact same problems, compounding to a raging typhoon of confusion, accidents, and bad parking jobs, leading only to a horrible experience in what should be one of the most exciting times. Read More…

10 Tips In Hindsight From A Senior

I have been in school since the grand year of 2006.  In this “short” amount of time, I have learned quite a few things.  For instance, don’t drink liquors that don’t taste like they have alcohol in them; don’t use alarms with easily accessible snooze buttons, or the ever so popular, always knock entering your dorm room, even if you think your roommate is gone. *cringe*

Finishing up this December, I look back and understand a lot of things now, like why I did badly in certain classes, why I did well in others and more importantly how to keep your productivity up without your motivation going down.   This will be a brief overview of everything that has helped me throughout college.  We can safely say I have violated most of these. Let’s start with some of the basics… Read More…

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