Use Omegle For Learning Languages

Back in June, Martin posted an excellent article on learning languages that covered most of the bases for getting started on the path to fluency. I’d definitely recommend reading through it if you’re interested in learning a new language, or want to improve one you’re currently learning. Once you’ve gotten those down, it’s time to actually start conversing with people. While there are plenty of apps and websites out there that are specifically dedicated to helping you do this, I’d like to offer up Omegle as a valid option for learning languages as well. Read More…

Guest Post: On The Usefulness Of Google+

This is a guest post by Bill Riley.

I recently had someone comment on one of my Facebook posts, saying:

“So I have a Google Plus account and really like the ease of use. However, either there are not a lot of people using it or I just don’t have enough friends. What’s your take on it?”

Google is incredibly smart (we’ve heard this before). What they lack in a user base, they make up for in what they offer, and how they create those services/platforms. They offer a lot of things that just aren’t present on Facebook. Read More…

Improve Twitter With The Power Twitter Extension

Desktop clients and mobile apps make up a large percentage of the avenues that people use to access Twitter, but the actual Twitter website is still a fine way to use the service. Even though I love HootSuite to death, there are times that I just like to use the actual website.

If you’re a Chrome, Firefox, or Safari user, you can make the Twitter website even better by using the Power Twitter extension.  Read More…

Ramp Up Twitter Engagement With Buffer

I’ll be honest: I spend a good portion of my day just hopping around the internet from site to site, not getting much work done. Could I be using my time better? Probably, but on the bright side, I do come across some pretty interesting stuff every so often. When I do come across stuff like this, I’ll usually tweet it out so my followers will be able to see it and get distracted from their own boring work. Read More…

37 Awesome Streaming Music Sites You Should Check Out

Note: Yo! I’m in the process of majorly updating this post. If you see entries without text, fear not – they’ll be filled out very soon. Thanks!

“Dude, you gotta hear this!” This is an often-used statement around here, and I’m usually the one saying it. I’ve been saying it for years. Indeed, my insatiable appetite for discovering new music goes back to my days as a teenager, back when I was rocking a giant CD player shoved in my hoodie pocket. Back then we had no streaming music; the only way to share music with my friends was to physically take the CD over to wherever they were and put it in a stereo. Man, how times have changed. First, we got downloadable MP3’s – we could simply tell a friend to check something out on iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, or whatever. Now, however, it’s an entirely different ball game.

Streaming music websites have revolutionized the way we acquire and listen to our tunes. Read More…

Guest Post: How Students Can Use Twitter Like A Boss

This is a guest post by my good friend Leo Widrich. You can read more about him in his author bio below the post, and you can also watch my interview with him here.

To me, college was the very first time I could connect with people based on interests only. It was no longer the accidental connections with people in the same classroom or neighborhood.

Here is where Twitter helped me a great deal. The interest-based approach, different to Facebook’s friends focus made it a lot easier for me to learn about what it is I want to do.

Here are 5 Tips I hope to help you get the most of Twitter, whilst enjoying your time in college. Read More…

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