The Mutant Guide To Studying For Finals

Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning?

Well, unless you’re taking a class on biology or meteorology this semester, you shouldn’t care right now. You’ve got bigger things to worry about at the moment.

That’s right! My fellow students, the real enemy is out there – beyond the confines of your dorm rooms, your apartment walls, your fraternity living rooms. They congregate on hard drives, printer trays, and secret folders far from our eyes… for now. Soon, though, we must all come to face this great enemy: our finals.

To face these abominations and have any chance of victory, you’re going to need preparation – and it’s up to me to use all the out-of-place movie quotes, shaky analogies, and bulleted lists I can muster to give you that very preparation. So sit back, grab a beer (just one), and get ready to evolve your studying habits. This is the mutant guide to hitting your finals harder than the Juggernaut. Read More…

14 Legit Study Spots To Help You Reach Your Zen State

You know, I learned something today: not all brands of roman candle are created equal. Also, not all directions in which you can point a roman candle are created equal either.

Want to know something else that isn’t created equal? Study spots. I touched on this topic in tip #11 of my recent college tips bonanza, but today I decided to go one step further. Accompanied by contributing writer Martin Boehme and my roommate Brandon, I traversed our campus and came up with a list of the best places to study.

I will note that this article is largely comedic – but if you want some serious tips on how to find or build the perfect study space, check out this article:

How to Create a Great Study Space

How to Create a Great Study Space

How to design a study space that will improve your focus, help you better prepare for exams, and make...

With that being said, here are the study spots we discovered: Read More…

Five Study Tips To Beat Down Distractions

The end of the year is almost upon is. Just a couple weeks remain before we can kick back and think no more of tests and group projects – but until then, it’s time to buckle down. Distractions are everywhere, your roommates are annoying you, and seemingly everything is vying for the time you should be spending with your books and notes. Here are five study tips to minimize or eliminate these distractions and make the most out of these last couple weeks. Read More…

How To Balance College And Full-Time Work

This is a guest post by Vern Marker. Find out more about him in the author bio at the end of the post.

Putting yourself through school has always been an admirable goal. Whether you are fortunate enough to have plenty of financial resources or are reliant on financial aid, the time, focus and skills to successfully complete a course load can be all inclusive for most people attempting such feats.

Today more adults are seeking to finish a college education, or work towards one of the many advanced degree programs than ever before. Most people pursuing higher education are regular folks who have lives and financial responsibilities. Read More…

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