Go to College to Get an Education, Not Just a Degree

What’s the point of college? What are you going to do with that degree? These are the sort of questions we college students hear and often ask ourselves.

We’re usually quick to offer a practiced “my major teaches skills that all employers value” or some similar response, but such questions from friends and family also offer us an opportunity to question our own assumptions about why we’re in college.

Most of us have gone to college for the purpose of “getting an education” and “getting a good job” after we graduate. This is all well and good, but are these the only reasons? Even more importantly, are they the right ones? Read More…

5 Ways To Have Fun Even If You Go To School In The Middle Of Nowhere

Hey guys! This is a guest post from CIG reader Ransom Patterson. He’s a sophomore in English at the College of Wooster and has written here before

I always considered Ames to be on the smaller side, but at 50,000 people it’s not exactly in the middle of nowhere. If you’re attending a school in an even less populated area, check out Ransom’s tips on keeping yourself occupied in your free time! 

If you like this article, check out my 7 ideas for making an on-campus summer not suck as well.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that your college town was more…isolated than your hometown? Does the area around your school turn to farmland a couple miles outside campus? Does the local population of cows outnumber the number of students at your school?

If you said yes to any of the above, you probably go to school “in the middle of nowhere.”

Don’t worry, though. Going to a small school in a small town doesn’t have to be boring. I’ve attended such a school myself for more than a year, and in that time I’ve discovered a variety of fun things to do, even with having no car. As an added bonus, all of these activities are free or cheap, helping you cut the cost of college even more. It’s all about getting creative. Read More…

“I Have A Skill That’s Going To Make Me A Millionaire Someday.”

This post was originally a Facebook status written by my friend Alex Mangini. I liked it so much that I asked if I could repost it here. If you’ve ever looked at someone doing awesome shit and thought, “I could never do that,” then read this.

I have a skill that’s going to make me a millionaire someday. I know it.

Does that statement make you uncomfortable? Are you offended? Do you doubt me because it sounds unrealistic, or do you make fun of me because “you’ve heard it before”?

No, I know what it is: it’s the arrogance. I’m arrogant because I have a skill and a goal.

People tell me, “well the rest of us weren’t blessed with your skill”, and it breaks my heart a little. And no, the little “get off your high horse, asshole” jab everyone tries to make with that statement isn’t what kills me.

The part that kills me is to hear others put themselves down like that; to admit that their lives are out of their control and they could never attain “such a skill” themselves.

Let me tell you where my skill came from, because I sure as shit wasn’t born with it. Read More…

The One Simple Question That Gets You Farther Than Everyone Else

Every time I go to pay for something at a store in a mall, the cashier will ask for my phone number or email address. They always word it in a way that almost suggests it’s required to complete the transaction – though of course they don’t actually say that.

I always ask the same question: “Do you need it?” 

And they always reply the same way: “Nope!”

Of course they don’t. They’ll gladly take your money however they can – but they know that getting repeat business from customers they already have is easier than finding new customers.

To that end, they have one super high-priority goal with each customer that is only usurped by the almighty sale: get your information and permission to market to you directly.

Most people don’t walk into their local J. Crew with the intention of getting a clothing newsletter in their email inbox. They just want a new shirt.

Well, actually they want people to think they look sharp, and they want something that looks good being torn apart in case they ever get turned into the Hulk . (Wait, I’m the only person who buys shirts with that in mind?)

Either way, it’s safe to say they’re not in the market to be marketed to.

But that does nothing to stop them from automatically complying with the question – “Can I get your email address?” – and handing over their information.

So, as you can see, you get by all this marketing and just get your clothes by asking one dead simple question. Read More…

Goal Inspiration: 10 Epic Bucket Lists You Might Want To Steal From

Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of being mindful of your path; that is, considering all aspects of your life when setting goals, and continuously evaluating those goals as you grow and progress.

Those that neglect to do this can often find themselves in situations where their primary career objective is achieved, but at a cost they didn’t foresee – be it having to live in a town they don’t like, or having almost no free time.

This isn’t a spot you want to be in, so be sure to read the post and start setting goals that span all areas of your life if you haven’t already!

I also talked about the importance of setting specific goals in addition to general lifestyle goals; goals like learning a new language, traveling to a foreign country, or building your own blog.

I chronicle all of these goals in my Impossible List, which is a more active and deliberate take on the bucket list concept.

However, I didn’t just sit down and make up all these awesome goals. I drew inspiration from lots of places. Sometimes I became inspired simply by seeing an awesome time-lapse video and wanting to visit the places in it.

Other times, though, I straight-up stole goals from the bucket lists of other people. In fact, it was the goal lists of two of my heroes – Joel Runyon and Steve Kamb – that inspired me to create my Impossible List. By doing so, I’ve been driven to do some things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

That’s why today’s post is simply a list of some of the best bucket lists I’ve found online. Read More…

Be Mindful Of Your Path

I have a friend who really, really likes going to our apartment pool during the summers. He likes it so much that, during this past summer, whenever he’d walk in our door we’d all immediately say, “Pool?”

Flashback to a weekday during this past July. In typical fashion, my friend has proved persuasive and we’re all headed to the pool.

Now, on most days, you’d share the pool space with the usual suspects: normal people, girls complaining to each other about how much they drank last weekend, and bros telling other bros that, “Dude, I’m gonna drink so much this weekend.”

Occasionally, you’d find an exceptionally stupid bro doing something like trying to pour shitty beer into another bro’s mouth, missing completely, and pouring said shitty beer into the pool.

I tended not to talk to this particular variety of pool patron, as my civilized upbringing can only do so much to stifle the urge to throw a grown man over a fence.

Fortunately, this particular July day did not bring me into contact with plebians of the inaccurate beer-pouring variety. However, I did end up talking to another guy who happened to be visiting friends who lived here.

The dude seemed cool enough. I mean, he probably doesn’t even watch 進撃の巨人, and he probably doesn’t even lift. But still, pretty cool guy.

Like me, he was a recent college grad. Unlike me, however, he’d accepted a full-time job offer straight out of college. And this, friends, is where you should choose to pay attention if you haven’t already.

This is what he told me about his life after college: Read More…

On Fear, Loss, And Being Called A Fartknocker


My cousin Nick and I stopped awkwardly trying to do pop shove-its in our grandpa’s driveway to see where the offending remark had come from.

At 12 years old, I was a formidable specimen of beauty and brutality, and I was ready to give my insulter the what-for if need be. Honor was on the line here. I knew, in the deepest pits of my soul, weathered and tempered with a dozen years of life experience, that I was not a fartknocker.

Nick silently echoed the exact same sentiment; I could see it in his eyes. An inner flame blazed.

“Oi there, you bloke! Now see here – we knock on doors with our fists, thank you, not mildly noxious clouds of briefly propelled methane gas! And we’ll come knock on your face with the same bloody things if you say that again, ya grotty nutter!”

…we completely failed to say, as we were neither knowledgable of the chemical makeup of flatulence, nor British, nor particularly good at fighting.

Read More…

Executive Wisdom: 44 Inspiring And Useful Quotes From 44 Presidents

The men who have led our country over the years are varied and unique. Each has come from a different background, held different beliefs, and took different actions. Some are considered great, others are considered failures.

However, each of them can at least be commended for simply assuming the highest office in our nation. For that reason, I believe each of them has at least one quote that can be useful or inspiring to you as an individual.

Whether you consider each of these men great or terrible, a visionary or a fool, just remember:

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” – Bruce Lee

Words may carry more weight when spoken by a nation’s leader, but that does not mean they are defined by that person’s actions. So here I offer you 44 quotes by 43 of our nation’s leaders (plus one). If even just one helps you improve your life in some way, then I consider this post a success. Read More…

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