College Info Geek’s Best Posts of 2012

Alright, 2012 is officially behind us!

The past year has been quite an epic one for both me and College Info Geek itself. One of the most profound changes on this blog (though you may have not noticed) is that I took over almost all writing duties here. From the humble beginnings of this blog in mid-2010 though pretty much all of 2011, I had a team of writers and also published a lot of guest posts.

During 2012, however, most of the posts were published by yours truly. This allowed me to more precisely control every bit of my devious indoctrination of students everywhere. Now, would you kindly sit up straight?

As for me personally, 2012 was a pretty damn epic year – probably the best one of my life so far, in fact. I finally left the country and visited Japan, ran in two 5K obstacle runs, went to SXSW, learned to surf, met some of my favorite bloggers in person, and jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. Oh, and I also met the girl of my dreams 🙂

I also published 87 posts on College Info Geek during 2012. That’s actually fewer posts than 2011, but I believe I made up for that by making them better. Today, I’d like to share my absolute favorite posts from the past year. Some of them are just fun, and some have been really helpful to lots of students. Here they are, in no particular order! Read More…

Grab Bag: Cool Stuff I Want To Share For December Week 2

Alright folks, it’s time for another Grab Bag!

Since finals week is probably just about over for most of you, I’ll assume that you’re probably heading into winter break right now and having anywhere between zero and zero thoughts about college right now.

Good – that’s exactly how I feel.

A few updates from my life right now…

Now that this semester is over, I have only one semester left before I’m completely done with college. Holy crap – the past three and a half years feel like they’ve gone by so fast. It seems like it was just last week I was taking the mattresses off of dorm beds with friends and jousting with them in the hallways – but that was three years ago.

I’ll be treating this winter break as a small taste of my planned post-graduation life – working on new features here at College Info Geek, writing more, and possibly working on some web development projects. With regards to actually graduating, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing immediately afterwards. I may find a job, or I may try to work for myself (quite doable at this point) – all I know is I’ll be here in Iowa for at least a couple more years.

Speaking of new CIG features – I’ve got quite a few in the works that I’m really excited about. For one, I’ll be launching the Personal Branding Toolbox soon, which will be full of extra content and free resources to help students build their personal brand and look more impressive to employers. If that sounds interesting to you, sign up for the CIG newsletter using the form in the sidebar or at the bottom of this post!

In other news, I beat Super Meat Boy the other day. Get on my level. Read More…

Grab Bag: Cool Shit I Want To Share For November Week 4

Productivity hacks, text art, sick verses about Willy Wonka… welcome to this week’s Grab Bag!

Since this is the first one ever, you’re probably wondering, “What the heck is this?” – That’s a great question. Let me answer it by first giving you a little peek inside my mind and how it’s working right now.

Basically, the type of blog post I like to write has been changing and evolving since I started College Info Geek. In the beginning, this blog was a way for me to write HackCollege and LifeHacker-style posts since I didn’t get to be a writer for that first one. That meant I typically would write normal-length (~800 word) blog posts with a fairly limited focus. Writing several of these posts a week really wasn’t a problem.

However, as I got more into blogging and stared building relationships online, my tastes started to change. I started reading longer, more in-depth posts on other blogs and found I actually liked these more. A huge post jam-packed with lots of value became more exciting to write than two or three small posts. So I started writing these kinds of posts – posts that took multiple days and many hours of writing to complete. Some of these include:

As time went on, I noticed something: these in-depth posts became my most successful content. This probably isn’t surprising, as they’re the ones that took the most work!

The result was this: all my new ideas for blog posts are now epic and in-depth. While this is great, it means it takes me a lot longer to write them.

So, in an attempt to get more fresh content on College Info Geek while I work on these epic posts, I’ve decided to do a new weekly feature called Grab Bag. Read More…

21 Exceptional Bloggers You Should Be Following

Do you get bored of the same old lectures every week, and fall asleep whenever you open your textbooks? Wishing you had some resources to help you actually learn stuff that matters?

One of the best ways to do this is to read! Books are great, and you can check out my Essential Reading List if you’re looking for a great book to enrich your life with. However, this post isn’t about books; it’s about blogs (and the bloggers who run them).

I’ve compiled a list featuring 21 of my favorite bloggers, which is waiting for you right below. Each of the bloggers on this list is doing amazing things in their life and creating unmissable content – content that has made my life better. I’m confident they can make your life better as well. Read More…

Oh Hai Guys – Check It Out I Guess We’re Famous.

More than a few months ago, I wrote up a guide on what I thought were the best headphones for college. To be honest, I kind of wrote the article on a whim after a couple of my friends got some headphones in the mail and let me try them out.

Last month, StudentAdvisor approached me and asked if they could publish my headphone article in their Ultimate Dorm Living guide. I was all like, “Hell yeah you can!Read More…

CampusSplash Goes Beyond Blogging

Some things change for the better; some for the worse. Today I’d like to point you in the direction of something that has definitely changed for the better, and that thing is fellow student-run website CampusSplash.

CampusSplash used to be another college blog, much like College Info Geek. Now, however, they’ve completely turned the site on its head and rolled out a new feature that you’re going to love. Instead of being just a blog, CampusSplash is now an awesome question/answer platform that lets you ask anything you want about college. Read More…

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