21 Ridiculous Ways To Annoy Your Roommate

If there’s one thing I’ve accomplished during my 2.3 years in college, it’s being witness to (and sometimes participant in) some awesome roommate pranks. Indeed, I’ve been somewhat of an expert on thinking up creative ways to make roommates rage. Here are some of the best I’ve come up with, seen, or heard about from friends. Read More…

Unbore me Chris; I’m Sober Today!

It’s Saturday. You wake up, the sun is shining through the window pane and a gentle breeze brushes your face gently, waking you up from the deepest sleep. Mmmm, doesn’t that seem peaceful? No, it doesn’t. You know why? Because you decided it was a good idea to spend six hours last night doing jager bombs, whiskey shots, and some other things that didn’t smell quite right, but your friends made fun of you, so you took them anyway. Now the pounding in your head is amplified only by the cheerful singing of a robin directly outside of your window. The sound grinds at your teeth, and the only thing you want to do is sleep until Sunday.

Now what did Timmy do wrong here? (In this particular scenario, the subjects name is Timmy). Well aside from the mystery shot, he forgot the main thing college students forget. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DRINK EVERY WEEKEND! Some of you disagree, and to you I say, good luck. For those that do agree, the age-old problem is deciding what to do instead. Read More…

Guns That Shoot Dubstep? How Could I NOT Post This?

Ok, so here’s the deal; I’m working on some high-level projects for College Info Geek that will take a long time to complete. Add to that my job as an RA, my second job at the career center, my classes, and my girlfriend who keeps on requesting this odd thing called my “undivided attention” (what’s that?) – you probably get the picture. Posting every day is a little difficult.

Fear not, however, as my less frequent posting will result in more awesomeness down the road. For now, check out this video. If you’re on the internet on a Saturday, you’re probably not doing homework anyway, so watching some dudes take out terrorists by shooting the raw power of dubstep at them isn’t going to hurt, right? Read More…

10 Web Comics That Make Me Fail College

This is the start of a new series called “Things That Make Me Fail College”. The idea for it spewed out of my head while I was thinking of ways write about whatever the hell I wanted without anyone noticing me deviating from the whole “college success” subject. If a post about silly internet comics seems too far out for you, here’s a nice article about studying

Web Comics are probably the 4th greatest invention ever, right behind sandwiches, explosions, and the internet itself. They’re funny, don’t take long to read, and – best of all – don’t force me to get off my butt and walk to the comic store to get them. These online marvels of satire and varying levels of illustrative quality are often the culprits behind my perpetual sleep-deprived state, and they’re also one of the best ways to de-stress after a tough class or an even tougher sessions of Call of Duty. Here are, in my opinion, the best of the best. Read More…

Students Keep Bugging Me About The Internet Outage.

This post is part of my Stupid RA series (you can view the last post here). It is mostly satirical and, while I won’t say it’s NOT a reflection of how I actually do my job, it’s probably just a faint one. This post is result of the internet being down all over campus last week.

The Question

Dear Tom,

The internet’s broken. When’s it gonna be fixed? WHEN’S IT GONNA BE FIXED???? FIX IT TOM!!!!! Read More…

A Student Asks Me About Toaster Ovens.

Starting next month, I will be a Resident Advisor (or, as ISU calls it, Community Advisor) in a hall full of super-smart honors students. Since these kids are all so smart, I have chosen to distinguish myself by answering questions with stupid (but still useful) answers. Let the fun begin. Read More…

Who needs tech support?

If, and I quote, “your computer messes with you interface, and ain’t compatible with your RAM or something,” then YouTuber Steve McGranahan, “World’s Strongest Redneck”, has a fix for you.

This is probably the stupidest yet funniest video I’ve seen all day. Not because it’s actually funny, but because he has an entire channel with dozens of videos just like this. The South may not be bright, but it sure is entertaining. I found this channel after RayWilliamJohnson featured another video of him trimming his hedges by swinging a chainsaw around on a rope. I think I was hooked after he decided to sand the surface of a table by putting in on a road, sitting on it, and pulling himself along by grabbing the back of his friend’s truck with pliers. That’s proof that innovation isn’t taught in school, dammit.


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