How To Beat Test Anxiety And Stay Cool During Finals


Death is coming. Death is here. Death is outside. There is no escape. Who’s that knocking at the door? Yes….. it’s death.

Ok, now replace all instances of “death” with “finals”, and I’ve probably painted a pretty accurate picture of what you’re feeling right now. Or maybe the two terms are pretty much equal in your mind.

As I publish this, finals are right around the corner. Maybe you’re reading this around that time yourself, or maybe you’re reading this before a smaller test at some other time. Such is the nature of blog posts.

Either way, if you’re here then you’re probably experiencing some degree of test anxiety. 

You’re worried that you’ll fail. You’re worried that you didn’t prepare enough. You’re kicking yourself for all that procrastinating you did. The ghost of Netflix-Binge-Sessions Past is now haunting you, and boy would you like to get it off your shoulder.

So, just how do you keep yourself from stressing out during test time? How can you stay cool in the face of all these finals? Read More…

6 Classes I Would Force Every College Student To Take

Over the years, I’ve heard people spout tons of pretentious statements like,

“Oh my god, the Analysis of Native American Women Who’ve Fallen Off The Eiffel Tower class I’m taking is just amazingEveryone should be required to take it.”

I’ve always scoffed at statements like this; for most of my high school and college career, the idea that any class should be universally required seemed stupid to me.

Different people have different learning styles, different interests, and different abilities. Some people are best suited to go through a series of classes, while others do best experimenting and learning on their own.

Some compulsory education is good – reading, writing, ‘rithmetic, all that jazz – but the whole practice of making everyone take largely the same classes for years on end always left a sour taste in my mouth.

It’s as Einstein said:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

However, in the course of running this blog, I’ve received lots of emails from students asking about classes they should take.

Some ask about majors in general, and while I have some ideas on which majors might be more useful than certain others, I don’t have a “go-to” major that I’d recommend to everyone. That wouldn’t make any sense.

Others, however, simply ask about the classes they should take to fill their general education requirements. These questions got me thinking: What classes would I require students to take, given the opportunity? Read More…

Why Professors Should Be OK With Letting Class Out Early

Hey man, you know how sometimes professors will get done with a lecture a few minutes early and then say something stupid like, “What else can I talk about to fill the lecture time?” It’s stupid, right? It’s at that time the professor should say, “Hey, we’re done. You get to go early. See you next week; try not to crash into too many trees this weekend.” Professors that do this are awesome. Seriously. Read More…

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