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Can You Quantify Social Ubiquity?

With Web 2.0 exploding onto the internet, change has been inevitable.  Newspapers now have phone apps, while some are completely online.  You can upload your entire music gallery online and stream it anywhere you can access a network. With so much change, why should you settle for the same old social network?

Empire Avenue is a website that attempts successfully to change the way you look at social networking.  They understand the importance of social networking, and have found a way to rate it.

It allows a person to combine their Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube accounts together, giving you an overall rating, while rating each one separately to show you which to work on.

Empire Avenue
It's like the stock market for social media.

How it works:

It takes each individual score, combines them, and gives you a stock price.  This price is visible to all other users on the site.  They, then, can buy your stock for its initial price of 10.00 eaves(what they call their currency).  As people buy your stock, your stock price increases.  As you invest in others, your net worth will increase.

You can also increase stock price by tweeting, posting to Facebook, having people like your YouTube, blogging, and many other social means.  People will see these interactions, invest more, and as a result, net worth will increase.  Doing this will also unlock achievements, which will give you more eaves, allowing you to invest further.

The game:

There are two end-game plans for most users.

1) Gain as many followers as possible.  Increase your voice, help your real life networking.

2) Simply play a game.  In the two days I’ve been on this, I’ve found more entertainment than any other social medium.  It’s addicting.

Who cares?

The value of this type of website is in the networking.  The stock doesn’t matter.  Who cares if a bunch of spammers trying to gain stock prices of imaginary money by following you and pretend to be interested.

The value is networking with those that ARE interested.  After an hour of playing, I began a conversation with an older player.  He and I talked for a while and he genuinely seemed interested.  He then asked if he could do a quick preliminary interview for a consulting firm that is placed worldwide.  This happened in ONE HOUR.

Maybe it was a fluke. It had to be.  The next day, i chatted with some of the veterans over public channels.  They were discussing doing web consulting with each other for FREE, as a favor to each other.  I listened further.  In an hour, i heard people offering to guest blog, write pages, consult, do help desk, design work, everything imaginable.

The intrinsic value of this is unbelievable.  As a startup player, I had already talked to several business owners, people who tweet with hundreds and thousands of followers, and they were humbled to do it.

Maybe this isn’t for you, but having simultaneous access to a person’s resume’, personal interests, writing styles, and personality, seems like a pretty good way to do business.

If you do decide to start using Empire Avenue, you might want to invest in me! 🙂