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Beyond Our Walls: Amazing Links For The Week Of August 3, 2011

Check out this week’s awesome posts at other blogs!

Start Reworking Your Sleep Schedule Now

at HackCollege

Excerpt: I’ve begun to experiment with my sleep schedule as a side project during a summer spent in summer school, and it turns out that there’s a sweet spot for waking up energized and refreshed… (read the whole thing)

The Value of Career Centers

at Talk Nerdy 2 Me

Excerpt:  I regret not meeting with career counselors who were familiar with resumes, cover letters, and companies who might be interested in giving someone like me a position in my field of study. If you have the opportunity to visit your career center, please do so and here are a few reasons why you should… (read the whole thing)

Why Trying to Learn Clear Writing in College is Like Trying to Learn Sobriety in a Bar

at Forbes

Excerpt: Knowing how to write compelling and persuasive emails, letters, memos, pitches and proposals sets you apart from the masses, who are mediocre communicators. It is one of the most effective skills you could develop for expanding your leadership and impact on the world—and for fattening your wallet… (read the whole thing)

What other amazing posts did you find this week?