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Beyond Our Walls: Amazing Links For The Week Of August 17, 2011

Check out this week’s awesome posts at other blogs!

Avoiding the Social Sophomore Slump

at Talk Nerdy 2 Me

Excerpt: If you are returning for a second year of college, then chances are you enjoyed your first year. But did you enjoy it so much that you would want to repeat it? (read the whole thing)

Freshman Year: Lessons Learned, Uncensored

at College Magazine

Excerpt: You don’t get as naïve as I did when it comes to freshman year. I read every Freshman 101 article and listened to every testimony from upperclassmen.

I mean…I got the basics down. Don’t sport any attire given from orientation that screams “freshman.” Freshman 15 isn’t a myth. Befriend your floormates. Don’t travel in packs on the first weekend… (read the whole thing)

The Simple 10-Minute Time Management System

at HackCollege

Excerpt: As college students, our lives are incredibly busy and hectic. Our schedules are crammed to the brim with class, reading, homework, club activities, and work. How is it possible to stay on top of everything and not lose your mind?! From Remember the Milk to Evernote, I’m sure that everyone has their own time management/organization system that they’ve been using and find helpful… (read the whole thing)

What other amazing posts did you find this week?