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Beyond Our Walls: Amazing Links For The Week Of August 10, 2011

Check out this week’s awesome posts at other blogs!

Is It College Yet?

at Talk Nerdy 2 Me

Excerpt: The summer of 2010 could not have dragged on longer for me. I felt stifled in My Little Suburbia, eager to start attending college. I watchedDaria reruns of Is It College Yet? to make sure someone empathized with me wanting the summer to be over with quickly. I was so ready to make a new life for myself, even though the college I ended up attending wasn’t my first choice… (read the whole thing)

DIY Stand-Up Desk (plus Adobe Giveaway Anouncement)

at StudySuccessful

Excerpt: Recently I got the idea in my head that standing behind a desk is better than sitting.The idea came from anarticle of Gina Trapani (known as the founder of There are a couple of benefits to it and it has my interest. But the thing for me was, am I going to maintain this set-up? Therefore I decided not to buy a stand-up desk, but to make my own to test out… (read the whole thing)

The Cardboard Workspace

at LifeHacker

Excerpt: With all the fancy desks that are heavy to lift and expensive to buy, why not just make your workspace out of cardboard? That seems to be what Flickr user Savio Ku did. Even the walls are papered with corrugated boxes… (read the whole thing)

What other amazing posts did you find this week?