Beat the Heat! Or, How to Survive Without Air Conditioning

There are human luxuries we have all grown accustomed to in our comfortable American lives. These include: food, running water, bad reality T.V. shows, and air conditioning. I never realize how much I miss my air conditioner until it is the middle of August and I am left lying on the floor of my dorm room, panting, and praying for death.

Here’s a list of some useful (and some unconventional!) ways to keep cool on campus!

  1. Get out of your room. Really. FLEE. Dorm rooms are notoriously NOT air-conditioned, but there are almost always buildings on campus that do have that modern blessing. Great places to hang out include the library (my favorite places are way back in the stacks, where the walls are concrete and always cold!), the dining halls, any main academic building, and the basements of fraternity/sorority houses.
  2. Don’t. MOVE. This seems obvious, but take this one seriously. Don’t just keep to one location, but don’t move your body if you can avoid it.
  3. Fans are a lifesaver. You can never, EVER, own enough fans.
  4. Find a friend with a cold room. Sleeping in the heat is difficult, miserable, and exhausting. See if you can find a friend who lives in a basement or has a window AC unit (some colleges let students with allergies or medical issues have one!)
  5. Nap throughout the day in unconventional places. So it is 99 degrees when you are trying to fall asleep at midnight. Don’t fight it; instead, find a cool place to sleep in the day, such as a library couch or tile floor of an unused laundry room.
  6. Keep hydrated. This is so unbelievably important, particularly if you should choose to indulge in alcohol or strenuous activity. Nothing ruins a good time like passing out!
  7. If  possible, find a vampire, snowman, or the ice creature from ‘Star Wars: Episode V’  to sleep alongside. 

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4 Comments on "Beat the Heat! Or, How to Survive Without Air Conditioning"

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Air conditioning las vegas

Hey this was a great info. I think there can be very miserable stage when you don’t have proper air conditioner. You can sleep that place where a concrete wall provides coldness. Homes basement is quite a great alternative when you feels hot. Keep sharing such more.

Thomas Frank

@meghanc303 yeah, everything basically turns into despair and hopelessness when you’re stuck in a 95-degree building. Luckily the hall desk has air conditioning, so I can go there when it’s really hot.


Thank you, Thom! We’ve been so hot here we have given up on sleeping and eating. Necessary body functions seem so superfluous when you are actually melting…

Thomas Frank

Great tips, Meghan. It’s been hotter than the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show around here for the past few weeks. I was on duty the entire weekend, so I was basically forced to stay in my non-air conditioned dorm. I can’t believe I survived.

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