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Adobe’s Battle For The Band Contest: Design Something Cool, Win A Concert For Your School

I always like seeing things that have the potential to motivate students to start designing things and build a portfolio. That’s why I want to direct your attention to a contest that’s currently being put on by Adobe.

Dubbed the “Battle for the Band” contest, students can submit graphic design entries for a chance to win a full-blown concert for their school with All Time Low.

Now, I’d be pretty pumped to be known as the person who got All Time Low to play a show at my school. However, it’s the second-place prize that interests me more – $1,000 cash. Not to say that a concert isn’t cool or anything, but having a grand in your pocket could be pretty useful – you could easily put a big dent in your student loans, or get a better laptop, or something.

If you’d like to enter, simply use Adobe Creative Cloud to create something related to that potential concert – a poster or t-shirt design, backstage pass, video, or basically anything else you could think of. If you don’t already have access, you can download a free trial of Creative Cloud (it’s also available for $20/month for students).

Once you have your design, you can submit it at the contest’s Facebook page.

For students who aren’t into design, there’s also a chance to win a free trip to any Live Nation concert in the U.S. or Canada. However, I think anyone can learn to design – and should, for that matter. If you’re a newbie, see if your school offers subscriptions to, or check out the tutorials at PSDTuts or Abduzeedo.

Aside from getting the chance to win $1,000 or a concert for you school, learning design gives you the ability to design your own business cards, build a better website, and more. It’s a skill I’m very glad I learned.

The potential contest winnings are a pretty sweet icing, though. Check out the Adobe blog for full details.