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Avoid the Freshman Cliche

So, you are a brand new college student. You just graduated from high school and let’s face it, you ruled that place.  You walked around with a swagger that couldn’t be fully explained by words.  Now, you are entering college, full of energy and a sense of unmatched self-indulgent pride.  Breathe in that fresh air, it feels good.

Protip: Everyone hates you right now.

“Why?” You ask.

The answer? Because every single freshman displays the same “Nothing can touch me attitude” as they strut around campus.

Follow these steps and you will have a much better freshman year, while meeting new people.

Don’t Wear Stupid Name Tags

No one walks past other people saying, “Oh man, I wish that guy was wearing a name tag.  Now I can’t approach them. “  If they wanted to talk to you, they would, and for the most part, you will meet most of the people you will become friends with either in classes or in your residence halls.  Stop wearing them, you stick out like a sore thumb.  Also, don’t wear the stock college bags they give you during orientation.  They aren’t even practical.

P.S. The stock college lanyards are an easy way to excel at “Spot the Freshman”.

Know Where You Are going

Anyone who isn’t a freshman will tell you one of the things they hate most is when people walk slow, or just stop in the middle of a hallway and turn around without looking.  If you don’t know the campus, walk your classes the week before classes or use Google maps on your smart phone.  It only takes once, and will save you making that constipated face while you stroll through campus on your first week.

Bus etiquette

  1. The previous rule applies to buses as well.  Nothing is more irritating than having four freshman in a row ask where the bus is going.
  2.  Get on the bus and move to the back.  Don’t take up the front seats first.
  3. Exit through the back.

Don’t drive to class

A lot of freshmen are under the impression that parking is plentiful.  They see all these empty spots during orientation and during summer that they believe this will always be the case.  It rarely is.  Don’t try and drive and park on the busiest streets on campus.  It makes it incredibly difficult to get to class for everyone else, and the buses run slower.  Walk to class or talk the bus.  It will end up being faster for you anyway.

On a related note: Whoever decided to drive down campus with their windows down, blaring music while staring at girls.  You are creepy.  Stop it.  No one cares.


Every freshman is so confident walking around with their friends that for some reason, they feel that during a conversation, they must shout EVERYTHING.  I have never understood why freshman do this, but they do, all of them.  Quit.

Stop Using your cellphone to complain on the bus.

Freshman love to complain about their course work.  Twelve credits AND a 3 hour per week job. I know, rough stuff.  It is overwhelming at first, but these are your easiest classes and your easiest workloads.  This is simply an introduction to the real world.

“My roommate came home and was like oh my god, you need to clean up the kitchen.  She is so stupid, I can’t believe this, I only left four pizza boxes and a case of half-drank beer on the counter.  She is way overreacting” <——-Don’t do that.

Girls all over campus talk crap about their roommates on the bus.  Guys do it too, but about different things.  I think one example will prove my point just fine.

If you have to complain, don’t do it on the bus.

Drink Better

If you are one of the freshmen who chooses to drink, please try and hold your liquor.  Freshman go to parties, pass out after throwing up in the bathroom, and cry in the living room.  Not taking that extra shot of tequila can save you a few weeks of dignity.  People don’t forget.

Editor’s note: College Info Geek in no way supports drinking underage. Your choices are yours. Don’t be a pants-on-head dumbass. If you decide to be, don’t put it on Facebook.

If you have any rebuttals or additional comments, feel free to comment below.  We would love to hear your thoughts!