The Secret To Being an Articulate Speaker

When I was a senior in high school, my final college decision came down to two schools: the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Neither was my “dream school” (I never had one), but I was pretty certain that I would end up going to UCLA.

Honestly, I applied to USC sort of on a whim and I never thought I would end up going there. Mainly because I knew it was such an expensive school (it’s one of the most expensive universities in the nation) and I knew my parents wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Well, that was before I ended up getting a half-tuition scholarship from USC and no scholarship from UCLA…

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7 Ways to Calm Your Nerves When You’re Meeting New People

You just parked your car. You look at the clock and see that you have five minutes to spare.

You figure you might as well use this extra time to do a little mental preparation. So you close your eyes and you begin to say yourself:

“I got this… I got this… I. GOT. THIS.”

But then, a teeny tiny thought creeps into your mind…

“… What if I don’t got this?”

And just like that, the tide begins to turn. Read More…

Why Your College Major Choice Isn’t as Important as You Think

People sometimes ask me, “If you could go back, would you have picked a different college major?”

I used to have a really hard time answering this question.

You see, my college degree is completely unrelated to what I’m doing today. So sometimes I’d catch myself thinking, “maybe I should have picked a different major.”

The only problem is I’m not sure what I would’ve picked instead. But I don’t waste any time thinking about it anymore… Now whenever someone asks me this question, my answer is always no. Read More…

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