Guest Post: 5 Brain-Amping Foods That Are Like Edible Rocket Fuel

This is a guest post by University of Tampa journalism student Kirby Jay.

Exhaustion is inevitable in college. Between the part-time jobs, late nights outs, participation in clubs and organizations, and the piles of preserved schoolwork that we knock out the night before the due date, (not to mention efforts to run every day) there is no room to store energy.

This forces students to turn to unnatural stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin, even when they are not prescribed to these medications. These illegal drug purchases can lead to addiction, irreparable health damage, and is a total waste of your money.

Many students do not realize that food was created to do the same brain-boosting job! To keep your brain operating at maximum capacity in order to get your work done, stay up late, and remember the important appointment you have scheduled with your advisor the following day, you must consume the best, natural brain food possible. Here are five easily accessible foods on college campuses that will give your brain the boost you need! Read More…

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