Surviving the Dorm Storm

Every year, I see the same thing. Freshmen and upper classmen with their parents come barreling into dorms across the country and find themselves embroiled in what I have come to know as a Dorm Storm. This is because every parent and student team always come in making the same mistakes and are then thrown into the mix of thousands of other students with the exact same problems, compounding to a raging typhoon of confusion, accidents, and bad parking jobs, leading only to a horrible experience in what should be one of the most exciting times. Read More…

Stay Up Late Without Dying At Your Desk

This is a post by our newest writer, Brandon Wlosinski (pronounced Wol-insky). Brandon is an Architecture major at Iowa State University, so he knows a thing or two about not getting enough sleep.

Whether you are a studious worker, a multi-tasking project manager, or a budding socialite, chances are that at some point in your life as a college student, you are going to come to a point where sleep is going to take a back seat to other events in your life. This is never an ideal situation, as sleep is a natural bodily function and a requirement to maintain a healthy college life – physically, emotionally, and financially (more sleep = less Red Bull).

So how do you manage getting through the night and the day after if you happen to find yourself pulling an all-nighter? Read More…

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