How I Created A Home Office For (Almost) Nothing

This is a guest post from Aaron Couch, a good friend of mine who’s been reading CIG since the early days. Since I haven’t done any DIY content in a while, this post mapping out his process of building a home office on the cheap is very welcome. Oh, and you should follow him on Twitter.

While Thomas has written before about finding great study spots, some of us like to work in the comfort of our own homes – which leaves us with the challenge of building a suitable home office.

As a writer, I’m constantly at my computer, but I really never had the ability to “build” my own office when I graduated from college and moved back home last year. Moving out, recently, gave me the opportunity to do so.

I moved 1,400+ miles from home and was immediately faced with the realization that I would need to find a way to put together something that I could work at all the time without putting strain on myself.

Now there are a lot of options for building a home office. The only problem for me is that I am pretty low on funds, so I can’t afford to buy a brand new desk, chair and anything else that comes with a proper workspace.

Instead, I turned back towards my frugal nature, which has helped me time and time again. Read More…

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