Adobe Imagination Challenge: Meet The Judges

Alright, so the Adobe Imagination Challenge has officially entered the second voting round. Have you entered your project yet? If not, check out our initial post on the challenge, and ask yourself, why am I not going for that $10,000 prize? Well, that’s what I would do.

As I mentioned in that previous post, submissions will be judged in part by a panel of celebrity judges. Today I’d like to profile each of them, and then let you in on a unique opportunity. Read on to find out more!

Jake and Amir

If you’re a regular CollegeHumor visitor, you’ll instantly recognize this pair; Jake and Amir are two of the most prominent faces over there, and they’ve been making hilarious sketch comedy videos since 2007. Their promo video was interesting to me because, at one point, Jake mentions that he used to use Photoshop to create blog post graphics when he couldn’t find any on the internet. Well, I do that too! (see above) Obviously that means I should be on CollegeHumor as well. They’ll call, just you wait.



Deadmau5 is pretty well-known by now, I’d think; even if you haven’t heard his music (which we featured on this list), you’ve probably had your Minecraft server griefed by him (seriously, Minecraft griefing is one of his pastimes). It’s cool to know that he developed his entire image on his own using stuff like Photoshop and Flash. Even though the mouse head is pretty simplistic, it’s become somewhat of an icon.


Rivers Cuomo

Don’t know who Rivers Cuomo is? That’s ok, neither did I. Google him, though, and you’ll get a much more familiar name – Weezer. Yup, Cuomo is indeed the lead singer and guitarist of Weezer. Interestingly, he notes Elements as his favorite Adobe product because he uses it to capture all his photos and notes. Personally, I’d use Evernote for that, but to each his own I suppose!


Scott Dadich

Perhaps the least recognizable name on the list, Scott Dadich still a well-known name in the print design world. Currently the creative director for design firm Condé Nast, Dadich has been referred to as “some sort of combination between Jesus and Pele” by others in the design area. It’s safe to say he’s qualified to judge a contest like this.


The Cool Opportunity…

Alright, so here’s the cool opportunity I mentioned above. Right now, you’ve got a chance to ask these judges anything. We’ll be collecting questions through the end of the week, and we’ll send them off to Adobe next week.

Wondering how Deadmau5 came up with the mouse design? Want to ask the lead singer of Weezer for singing tips? Whatever you want to ask, leave it in the comments. You might just get an answer.

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