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Adobe CS6 And Creative Cloud Are Unveiled And Coming Soon

Even though this is primarily a college blog, it should be pretty obvious to you guys now that I’m a huge design nerd. Almost every featured image on this blog is in some way designed by me, as well as a lot of the other elements here. I spend a lot of time in Photoshop and other Adobe programs.

That’s why I’m super excited that Adobe CS6 was announced yesterday. When I attended Adobe MAX back in October, I got a taste of some of the new features coming out. Now, the time when I’ll get to use those new features is just around the corner.

The biggest announcement here is that the core Creative Suite programs are all updated. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and all the others have been updated with a ton of new features,including:

  • Enhanced performance with the updated Mercury engine (example: Illustrator is now 64-bit)
  • A new interface for each program
  • A focus on designing for multiple devices (such as InDesign’s new templates for iPhones and iPads)
  • Tons of individual features (such as Photoshop CS6’s new content-aware tools)

To get a taste of what’s coming, check out some of the new content-aware features in Photoshop CS6 (remember, you can still try out the beta):

Adobe is also going to be releasing the Creative Cloud, a cloud-based solution that will give you access to lots of tools as well as let you store your work in the cloud and work on it from multiple computers (or even a tablet app, such as Photoshop Touch)

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on CS6 so I can start playing with the new features (I’m particularly excited about the updates to Premiere Pro, since I just got an awesome new camera that takes 1080p video).

Right now the suite is available for pre-order (and of course, we get the sweet student discount). For now, you can watch the recorded webcast to get more info if you’re interested.

If you’re trying out the Photoshop CS6 beta, be sure to check out my business card tutorial and make yourself some kick-ass cards 😉

I’ll send out an update when CS6 is finally released. I’ll also be travelling to San Francisco in less than a month to attend an Adobe blogger conference, so expect more update about cool stuff coming out.