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Study Music Feature: 25 Amazing Typographical Music Videos

Alright, I’m finally posting something music-related!

Raise your hand if you agree: most music videos are “meh” at best, and at worst just bad. Very few are great.

However, there’s a new type of music video I’ve been seeing lately that I’m really liking: typography videos. These are basically lyric videos, except that someone took the time and considerable effort to make them look good. Really, really good.

So, I decided to scour the internet and come up with a big playlist of the best ones I could find. And, for your viewing and listening pleasure, I’ve posted them here!

As of this posting, the list is 25 videos strong. However, since this is literally just an embedded YouTube playlist, I’ll be adding more as I find them.

You can view them in the widget below, or you can watch the playlist on YouTube.


Enjoy! Also, share this with a friend who needs some new study music of their own 🙂

Note: I’ve decided to do my music posts in a new way from now on. I won’t be doing “Study Album of the Week” anymore – instead, I’m planning on doing a big roundup of the best new albums I’ve discovered every month. So there will be less music posts, but I’ll pack these posts with even more album recommendations.

I’ll also continue doing music features from time to time with stuff like these typography videos.