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Wallpaper Resources

I’ll admit it; I used to be a complete desktop customization nerd. If you were to look at my computer a year ago, you’d see Rainmeter bars everywhere with widgets for my email, Twitter, calendar, and notes, as well as a clock and lots of random lines that I just made to make things look complex and “computer-y”. Alas, I found that I ended up playing with my desktop customizations more than I actually used the functionality they provided.

Since then, I’ve become something of a desktop minimalist. I don’t even like having icons on my desktop – in fact, on my Windows machine, I used Fences to hide them. However, I still love finding awesome wallpapers. As of now I probably have over 500 sitting in the recesses of my computer. So, since I had so many, I thought it’d be cool to share some resources for finding some for yourself.

The Wallpaper Resources



In case all those wallpapers weren’t good enough for you, here’s a brand spankin’ new College Info Geek wallpaper!

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