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Want to Be Healthier and More Productive? Take Regular Breaks

I’ve been writing articles here at College Info Geek now for over a year (say what?). When you write enough articles for the same site, you begin to notice themes in your writing.

One of the recurring themes in my writing, I recently realized, is the importance of taking breaks. Any time I talk about how to write essays or really anything related to studying, I always mention the importance of stepping away from your work regularly.

Come to think of it, taking breaks is a frequent theme in Thomas’s videos as well. For instance, his video on dealing with student burnout mentions the importance of resting your brain as a way to combat and recover from an overloaded schedule.

Since taking breaks is such an important topic here at College Info Geek (whether we consciously knew it or not), we decided the topic was worthy of its own post. No matter what your major, I guarantee you could stand to take a break from work more often.

So come along as I explore why taking breaks is so important (as well as how you can start adding more into your schedule today).

As a bonus, this post might even save your life (seriously!).

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