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Use The Corson Technique When Asking Professors For Help

One of the things I’ve stressed on this blog for a long time is the idea of becoming a “Solution Finder.”

To me, this is someone who knows how and where to find answers to questions that aren’t immediately obvious and who is willing to do it.

Solution Finders are not nearly as common as I would like them to be. When I worked ISU’s tech support phone lines as a freshman, I was stunned by the amount of people who couldn’t be bothered to google a problem before immediately picking up the phone and calling for help.

People in my classes were the same way. At the first sign of confusion, many students would immediately ask for help from the professor or someone sitting next to them.

It was as if they expected every single concept to “click” right away – and when one didn’t, they’d immediately go into panic mode.

This is the behavior of toddlers. It is not what a student who has made it into college should do.

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