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Want To Think Better? Avoid These 6 Cognitive Biases

You are not in control of your thoughts. You may think you are, but that’s just an illusion.

I know that may sound like hippy stuff, but it’s actually one of the central premises of psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s 2011 book Thinking, Fast and Slow.

The book covers everything from economics to politics to human relationships, but one of its primary focuses is how people think and make decisions–and why those decisions are often wrong, even if people don’t realize it.

Since most of college (and life for that matter) involves thinking and making decisions, Kahneman’s material is quite relevant to college students. In particular, his documentation of common cognitive biases and fallacies (the source of many of our mental mistakes) is quite useful, and it’s what I’ll focus on in today’s post.

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