31 Epic Wallpapers Featuring Robots, Mechs, And Similar Badassery

Ok, let’s be honest here. Do you always want to read about productivity/homework/being an adult stuff? No. And I don’t always want to write about it.

So let’s do a wallpaper post! It’s been quite a long while since I’ve done one (last one was November 2011, actually), so I think it’s high time to start the trend again. Instead of randomly taking wallpapers I’ve been using, I’ve decided to go with a theme this time!

Let’s face it. No matter how cool you are… you’re not cooler than robots. And mechs. And Gundams. And especially not Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

So why would you set your desktop background to some dumb picture of you and your friends climbing Denali? Use one of these awesome robot wallpapers instead. (oh, and battlesuits count too because I wanted to include Vanquish)

All of these wallpapers are either 1920×1200 or 1920×1080, so you should be able to fit them to your monitor no matter what size it is. Also, you can click one to enlarge it and then use the arrow keys to scroll through them.

P.S. – did you know that in Japan, they call Baskin Robins “31”? 

Gurren Lagann






Gundam 2

Glados 1


Gundam 3

Gundam 4

Glados 2

Gundam 5

Glados 3


Worker robot


Mech suit

Optimus Prime

Walker 2




Seriously, if you haven’t already, play Vanquish.

Mech in clouds

Gurren Lagann 2

Robot head

Walker 3


Battle suit

Deactivated 3

Megaman Zero

Hope you enjoyed this collection! You can find all of these and more at WallBase. You can also follow me at DeskToppr to see all the wallpapers I’ve collected.

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